Beach and Bobble Collection

My beach collection takes me to the shores of Lake Michigan, and the Eastern seaboard. I live in Iowa, but get to the water whenever I can. Its a slower kind of life and makes you relax, thats why I want to have a little piece of that with me. I hope you like this collection.

All Resin 2.5-3″ Ocean scene pendants

Comes with 24″ Silver or Gold snake chain. Made individually, each one is slightly different.


Organic all resin Pendant

Pendant is 3″ and is filled with dried flowers, mother of pearl chips, moss, and sea shells comes with 24″ silver or gold chain.


Circle of Cats in Gold

Gold Bezel filled with fusia sparkling resin. Specify color of resin, comes with gold chain.


Ocean bottles

Small bottles of sand, sea shells and glass bubbles. Keep the ocean with you always. comes with 24″silver snake chain.


Flower under glass

These are truly one of a kind. Each dried flower is frozen in time in clear resin. Each one is made individually, no 2 are alike. You can specify the color of flower. Comes with 24″ gold or silver chain.


My own ocian

Truly a one of a kind piece. Made with a wooden bezel, sand, sea shells and water blue resin with white waves, make up this beautiful pendant. Comes with brown fabric cord, silver chain, or gold chain. Each piece will vary.