Welcome to my Jewelry Page

I am so glad that you decided to visit my page. I have created a lot of pieces that have a beach theme. I live in Iowa, but have traveled to lake Michigan when I get a chance, and have seen the ocean, East coast and West coast. These bodies of water just have a whole vibe of their own, the way of life there seems so different, laid back and relaxed. The water has a way of mesmerizing you, the waves, the smell of the air, and the warmth of the sun. I tried to capture some of that feel in my ocean pieces.

I am a photographer, and have sold my photos on this website before, but I have found a new love and obsession. RESIN. This is a wonderful medium to work with, it allows for so much creativity, and the creations are limitless. So many of my pieces are one of a kind because I can’t really remember how I created the piece. These are so much fun to make that I have to share.

All pieces come with a chain, or cord. Please specify if you prefer one over the other. All the metal and chains are silver or gold plated. The resin in these pieces if almost indestructable, once it hardens, so the hardware will wear out long before the resin does.

I try to include some elements from nature, especially in my flower and ocean themed pieces. Most of my pieces are made one at a time, so there will be variations among the same pieces. I will try and include all the elements and come as close to the original as possible.

I will be incorporating more wood and resin pieces as I learn to work with the wood. Please check back often to see what new creations I have come up with.

I will on occasion do special request, just let me know.

Thanks again for checking out this website, and come again soon.

Lori Kane


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